The Quakers

The idea of establishing the Ethical Landlords Association (ELA) came from a meeting of Quakers which focussed on concerns about the housing situation in the UK.

Quakers (formally known as the Religious Society of Friends) believe in putting faith into action, and it was agreed that ELA was one way in which we could do something about the housing crisis. Working together with other like-minded people is always effective, so the Association has been inclusive from the earliest days.

Quakers in Britain have helped us with advice, spiritual upholding, the hosting of meetings, and helping us let people know about ELA.

Further information about Quakers is available here:

Housing Justice

The Ethical Landlords Association established early links with Housing Justice, an organisation which works to enable local groups and churches to provide practical help to people in housing need. Housing Justice also works for change in housing policies at local and national level. This is done by embracing partnerships with people of all faiths (and none) who share their values of social justice and compassion. Further information is available here: [link]

We have been greatly assisted by having a worker from Housing Justice as a committee member of ELA.

Network for Social Change

The Network for Social Change is a group of individuals providing funding for progressive social change, particularly in the areas of justice, peace and the environment. Together they give well over £1 million per year to a variety of projects and organisations.

Their generous grant to the Ethical Landlords Association has enabled us to fund this website and many other aspects of the development of the Association.

Website Design and Build

The Ethical Landlords Association is deeply indebted to Mark Wingrove of Wingrove-Media, who extended the original concept and built the website as it is today. He has also provided valuable advice to the committee in making the best use of our website to promote the Ethical Landlords Association, and the excellent tutorials on his website are enabling us to edit and upload material.

We are very grateful to Dave Rawcliffe, of Warwick Quaker Meeting, who was responsible for the prototype website design.

Logo Design

The Ethical Landlords Association is also indebted to Jacque Solomon for developing our logo, which combines the image of a home, with a handshake symbolising an agreement which will be honoured by both parties.

Jacque produced a large number of designs and variations for our consideration, and we are grateful for her creativity and persistence, which has resulted in a logo we feel embodies the essence of our organisation.

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