Problem Solving

Landlords who join the Ethical Landlords Association commit themselves to standards which go well beyond the legal requirements. These are set out in Charters at Bronze, Silver or Gold levels.

If you think your landlord is not meeting the standards of the Charter to which they have committed as a member of ELA, you may contact us at through our Contact Us page

Tell us about the problem and send any information you can – such as photos, agreements, etc.

We will contact your landlord and ask them about the problem. We’ll ask them to send us information too.

We will try to help sort out the problem so both of you are happy.

If we can’t do that but we agree that your landlord is not doing what they have said they will do in the Charter, we will give careful thought to reducing the Charter level of your landlord, or even removing their membership of the Ethical Landlords Association. We would only do this if we have clear evidence on which to base a decision.

About the form

Please provide as much information as you can in summary form. We will need to know what the problem is, who you are and your contact details, and who your landlord is with some additional information so we can locate them in our records.

Some of the fields in the form are mandatory, we need the information so we can carry out our checks.

What happens next?

If you successfully submit the form you will receive a message of acknowledgement from the website. Your email is sent to one of the committee members for review. We will get back in contact with you shortly after that time to seek more information.

Problem Solving Form

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