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Section 21 rule changes

From 1 October 2018 the changes to Section 21 eviction notices introduced in October 2015 now apply to all assured shorthold tenancies (ASTs) including those that started before 1 October 2015. There is just one notice that can be used (S21 6A notice).  This cannot be...

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Labour Plans: Scrap Section 21 and Bring in Rent Controls

At the Labour Party Conference, the Party pledged that when in power they would scrap the controversial Section 21 right for landlords to evict tenants without going to court and without giving a reason. Labour also plan to introduce rent controls in some areas. Read...

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Right to Rent: new consultation

The government is to launch a further consultation to examine how the Right to Rent policy is affecting BTL investors. This move follows pressure from the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) to suspend the scheme. Research by the RLA showed that 42% of landlords...

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Future of Renting: RLA organised parliamentary event

A Parliamentary event considering a collection of studies looking to the future of the private rented sector (PRS) was attended by the Secretary of State for Housing last week. The event was held in the House of Commons and organised by the RLA to mark its 20 year...

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Tenants Fees Bill, England: Update

It has been confirmed that the second reading of the Tenants Fees Bill in the House of Lords will take place on 10 October.  MPs debated the report stage and third reading stage of the Tenant Fees Bill in the House of Commons on 5 September 2018.  The House of Commons...

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Press Release: ELA invites all MPs to join

Landlord organisation invites MPs to join The Ethical Landlords Association (ELA) is today inviting all 650 MPs to join the organisation, as a way of expressing support, and encouraging improved conditions for private tenants throughout Britain. The Ethical Landlords...

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House of Commons Briefing Paper on Right to Rent

The House of Commons Library recently published (29 August 2018) a briefing paper on the Right to Rent checks which private landlords in England must carry out when renting a property. These checks were introduced through the Immigration Act 2014. Additional...

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House of Commons Briefing Paper on Tenancy Deposit Schemes

The House of Commons published a briefing paper yesterday on Tenancy Deposit Schemes. The briefing paper gives the background to the introduction in 2007 of the requirement for landlords to protect their tenants' deposits in regulated schemes in England and Wales....

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Poll Shows Public Support for Protection from Eviction

Landlord News report that a recent Survation poll commissioned by Generation Rent shows that of the people surveyed, a majority were in favour of renters both being protected from eviction and from rent increases over the level of inflation. They report that the...

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Three-year tenancies: update

There has been talk about a possible announcement by the government about the introduction of mandatory 3 year residential tenancies i.e. before the consultation is completed on 26 August 2018. This was reported in The Sun newspaper last week. However, in an official...

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