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Windrush in Right to Rent Guide

The updated Right to Rent Guide includes information for landlords who are renting to Windrush generation residents who have the right to live in the UK but may not have the supporting documents. Landlords should contact the Landlords Checking Service who can then...

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Fees to Tenants to be banned in Wales

Plans for a new law in Wales could see landlords and letting agents banned from charging fees to private rental tenants. Breaches to the regulations could mean a fixed penalty of £500, unlimited fines and a possible loss of the landlord licence. Under the Renting...

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New Tax Rules for Residential Landlords Revisited

As landlords are now into the period where the next tax return (re April 2017 to April 2018) will be filled out according to the new rules, this news item signposts the reader to useful articles on the subject. These are not necessarily recent articles but they do...

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Current Trends in the Buy to Let market

Paragon (a buy-to-let mortgage provider) has found an increase in landlords applying to remortgage in the first quarter of this year. Experts surmise this is due to landlords wanting to lock in low rates in anticipation of interest rate rises. Alongside this there...

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The EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

The GDPR came into force on 25 May 2018. The regulations specify how personal information is processed. Processing basically refers to any action performed on data such as collecting, recording, organising, storing, erasing and amending information. Personal...

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Windrush in The Guardian – the extent of the impact

The Windrush scandal is relevant to private sector landlords as by law they must carry out "Right to Rent" checks on prospective tenants. At the time the Right to Rent checks were introduced a number of campaigning groups warned that it would encourage...

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The Tenants Fees Bill introduced into Parliament today

TheTenant Fees Bill will bring an end to letting fees for tenants. It also sets limits on holding deposits (one week) and tenancy deposits (6 weeks). Alongside rent and deposits, agents and landlords will only be permitted to charge tenants fees associated with: a...

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Reminder:  HMO changes come into force on 1st October 2018

Just 5 months from now, on 1st October 2018, landlords of properties in England with 5 or more residents comprising 2 or more households (including unrelated individuals) will need to be licensed as an HMO with the local council. This applies to all types of property...

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ELA in The Guardian

A letter by Alastair Cameron, publicity secretary for the ELA, was published in the Guardian yesterday (online on Friday 20 April). Alastair wrote: • Re Rhik Samadder’s column (Landlords are social parasites. They don’t deserve any awards, G2, 16 April), the Ethical...

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