Landlords Charter

Definition of ethics: moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour or the conducting of an activity

Ethics are great ideals – but the test is how our ethics make a difference to what we do and how we do it.

These Charters aim to provide a checklist for landlords of how ethics can be seen in practice.  Most of these actions cost nothing – and can make all the difference to tenants.

Some actions do have a cost to the landlord and one which we ask landlords to take on willingly.

The Charters are set out at three different levels, designed to be challenging but achievable, and to encourage progress in the development of ethical practice.


This Comparison Chart will help you to compare the requirements of each Charter.  You will then need to make a detailed check against the level to which you are committing

In addition, at each level, a landlord who chooses to charge 80% or less of the market rent for the property can claim a Diamond added to the charter level.  This is optional and many landlords will not be able to do this, but the Ethical Landlords Association wants to recognise those who do.

Bronze Charter

This charter is our starting point and the foundation of all the charters.  It doesn’t ask much – yet this is more than some tenants experience from their landlords.

Silver Charter

Within a year we expect Ethical Landlords to be able to meet the challenges of the Silver Charter.  Some of the requirements may involve a little extra expense for the landlord but can make a lot of difference to the tenant.

Gold Charter

Tenants tell us how important security is to them and their families.  The Gold Charter offers greater security through longer tenancy agreements and more notice of changes, enabling tenants to plan ahead.