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    This news item was posted a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t heard anything since. What is your experience of operating the right to rent? Has it made a difference wot which tenants you select? I worry that it presents a major threat to a landlord’s responsibilities under equalities legislation. In my view, that should trump any duty to help the government administer its immigration policy. https://ethicallandlords.org.uk/2018/06/06/joint-council-for-the-welfare-of-immigrants-to-challenge-the-right-to-rent-policy/



    We found it hard enough to go through a British passport to work out who has the right to reside in Britain. I hate to think of what it’s like to make sense of a foreign passport and visas, right to remain etc. The government does provide guidance but it’s bound to make landlords favour the more obviously straight forward applicants at the expense of those from minority backgrounds. In any case, I object to being made responsible for operating the government’s hostile environment for immigrants.

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