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    Steve Deeming

    Our house, rented out, has a F rating EPC, not taking into account solid stone walls, which I gather is under review. The existing EPC states we have partial d/g, when in fact it is only the kitchen windows ( 1 central pane and 2 small side ones) that are single. There is also a perceived problem with eaved roofs said to uninsulated…they are ..That causes a problem…does a periodic lease class as an existing lease? If so, does that mean we have till 2020 to sort out the EPC? Thought would be useful



    I’m not a legal expert but I would have thought that if this was originally a fixed term tenancy and the fixed term expired and it then became a periodic tenancy, it would count as the same tenancy. Have you issued a new tenancy agreement since then or not?

    If you are a member of the Ethical Landlords Association, you could ask the legal helpline.

    The government guidance re EPCs is at:
    However, it doesn’t go into the legal detail of when a new tenancy is created.


    Steve Deeming

    Thanks, jdc,

    According to a local agent it stands as a periodic tenancy so continues as that. The EPC runs out in Aug 2019 and we have found a more amenable assessor who is clearly not a jobsworth. With his help, and subsequent rules changes, and his searching questions leading to the discovery, for example, of what insulation is in a stud wall by removing a switch and its mounting box; measuring thickness of solid stone walls; and working out what insulation is used in a warm loft ( if it is a warm loft it’s obviously insulated – but for some unknown reason the original assessor assumed otherwise);conversations with Building Inspectors; actually going into the cold loft and measuring the rockwool ( bloody obvious, really), we may get it into an E if not higher.
    Not trying to con an EPC, just seeking fair and just adjudication from a system that is necessary, but operated by…well, you can find the words!!!

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