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    Hi All

    Has anyone, as a private landlord, offered a property or properties to Key Workers only?

    I’m very aware that locally housing is very expensive and am considering trying to make a rental offer below market price, specifically to help key workers, but wondering what the legal and practical issues might be. Eg’s: am I likely to fall foul of discrimination legislation? Can one ensure that the main breadwinner is a key worker?

    Best wishes



    Hi, Chris – sorry not to respond sooner; I’m just finding my way around the ELA site.
    I suggest you contact your local authority – I imagine they would be very interested in your idea (not least because so many key workers might be their own staff).
    They may be able to advise on discrimination issues – I think that’s unlikely to be a problem, but I’m not a lawyer…
    Obviously, once the let has been made, people are entitled to change jobs or other circumstances. But nonetheless, you would still have facilitated someone getting a place when they need it. You also have the option of raising the rent up to the local market rate.



    Provided you are not discriminating on any of the protected characteristics, you should be able to prioritise key workers:
    gender reassignment
    pregnancy and maternity
    religion or belief
    sexual orientation

    As an individual you can be quite flexible. In my experience it isn’t easy for a local authority to define who is a key worker. In one instance where they wanted to prioritise teachers, people asked if this included teaching assistants, those who had not yet qualified etc. So you need to think who in particular you want to assist.

    If you are only letting one property, you could just ask your letting agent to give priority to certain applicants – teachers, firefighters, police, nursing staff (very difficult to define which medical staff to prioritise), local government workers …

    Also anyone can leave their employment the day after signing the lease and no longer be a key worker.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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