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    This is in response to a member’s question asking if ELA knows of any insurance companies that will cover 3 lodgers in his house.
    He currently has 3 lodgers under the Rent a Room scheme, and he has asked his current insurers, the Co op, if they can cover this, but no, they will only cover 2.
    I am also with the Co op, for exactly the same reason. We have a flat attached the house, which is let on a periodic tenancy, but we also have one person who stays in our house for a few days at a time on a regular basis, for work reasons.
    I tried to insure the house online, but was unable to do so because it is both ‘owner occupied’ and ‘let out’. I contacted a number of insurance companies, and found only the Co op offering this ‘2 paying guests’ coverage as standard. Otherwise I would have had to insure the house as ‘owner occupied’ and the flat separately, as ‘let’, which would have been much more expensive.
    I think the cut off at 2 paying guests is that any more would be considered a business, but I’m not certain about that. I think there is a separate ‘landlord insurance’ that the Co op would be able to provide.
    Could our member consider asking the Co op about this? If time is short, and of course he doesn’t want to make one of his lodgers homeless before Christmas , maybe he would consider not charging the 3rd tenant until he has managed to sort a satisfactory solution out?
    Dori Miller

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