This forum is a great way to share ideas and pose questions about being an ethical landlord, with the opportunity to check out other landlords’ experiences.  Just start a trail, or join in an existing exchange!

Important note: members should not base any legal decisions on points made during discussions, without seeking their own professional advice.

Think before you post!

  • Please remember not to make any comments that are sexist, racist, homophobic, ageist or offensive.
  • If you disagree with something someone else has written, say what you disagree with – don’t judge them as a person for writing it.
  • Do not praise or justify illegal, violent or dangerous behaviour.
  • Posts will be removed by the Ethical Landlords Association if we think that they are not acceptable.
  • Do not advertise any products or services in this forum, it is not there for marketing purposes.
  • Participants login and username will be revoked from the system if they do not follow these guidelines.

Using the Forum

In order to use the forum you need to be a member of Ethical Landlords Association and registered on the website as a user. Once registered you can login to the site and see the discussions in the forum and contribute to them. Ethical Landlords Association reserves the right to deny access to this area entirely at their discretion if they believe the applicant wishes to advertise anything, or not participate in the spirit of the forum. Under such circumstances membership will be revoked.

Legal Matters & Tenancy Agreements

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Landlord/Letting Agent/Tenant Relationships

Use this area to discuss anything about Landlord/Letting Agent/Tenant Relationships

Repairs, maintenance and damage

Use this area to discuss and contribute to anything relating to repairs, maintenance and damage

Anything else

Use this area to discuss any other subject area relating to the broad themes of Tenancy, Letting Agents and Landlords

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