BRONZE CHARTER – the Foundation to all Charters

1 Landlords will do all that the law expects, in full and in good time

  • Landlords will make sure that they know what they should do as the landlord of a residential property, and will do this in full and when they should.
  • Landlords will also do what other laws expect, such as the Equalities Act 2010.

2. Landlords will always act in a fair, honest and reasonable way in all their dealings with the tenant.

  • By replying without delay to any contact from the tenant and taking action to deal with concerns.
  • By giving the tenant telephone numbers and other means of getting in touch and getting repairs done, including in an emergency, especially if the landlord is out of the country.  Contact details should also be provided to neighours of the property.
  • By making sure that the tenant has information about the safe and proper use of the property and any equipment provided, including where to find stopcocks, gas taps, electricity consumer units, etc.
  • By making sure that the tenant knows how to find information about their rights, tenant advocacy services, and what the local council’s Tenancy Relations Service can do to help them. [Met in England by the requirement to provide ‘How to Rent’]
  • By giving the tenant the reasonable help needed to claim housing benefit..
  • By insuring the building and fixtures, and making clear the tenant’s need to insure their contents.
  • By ensuring repairs are carried out promptly – see Repair Timescales.
  • By undertaking not to serve notice as a result of tenants asking for repairs.
  • If the property is managed by an agent, the landlord will make sure that they also act in a fair, honest and reasonable way in all their dealings with the tenant.

3 Quality of the property

  • Free from significant Health & Safety Hazards
  • In a reasonable state of repair
  • Free from significant damp problems

4. Landlords will work towards achieving the Silver Charter within a year.


If the rent is maintained at 80% or less than the market rent for that property, then a Diamond will be added to the Bronze Charter.

Repair Timescales once a fault has been reported

Emergency Repairs

Defined as affecting health or safety, eg major electrical fault, blocked WC.  Repair carried out within 24 hours

Urgent Repairs

Defined as affecting material comfort, eg hot water, heating, fridge failure, serious roof leak.  Repairs carried out within 5 working days

Non Urgent Repairs

Anything that does not fall into the two former categories that do not affect health and safety or material comfort. Repairs carried out in 20 working days.