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Applying to Join

There are two ways you can join The Ethical Landlords Association. One method is online where you will fill in some forms and we will take payment through PayPal at the end of the process, the other method is through a postal application with a cheque enclosed.

If you wish to subscribe online, please follow the Online Application Form Process immediately below. If you wish to apply by Post, please jump down the page by following this link:  Go to Postal Applications

Online Application Form Process

There are three steps to the following process. Fill in an Application form with your details in. Fill in a second form to set up an account on this website. Make the payment of £30 by Paypal. You will receive an acknowledgement message and we will process your application and enable your account on the website. Start by choosing one of the forms below.

We have two application forms, one for landlords, and the other for supporters, or non-landlords. Select the application based on your role.

Postal Application

In the section below you can download either a PDF version of the form or an editable Microsoft Word version of the form. You can then fill it in and mail it to us using the address below. The second step is to make payment to our bank either through a BACs transfer or enclose a cheque with your application form.

Optional Online Payment by BACs

Applications for membership must be accompanied by payment of the current annual subscription of £30, by a payment to our account: Number 20705816, Sort Code 16-58-10, or with a cheque made payable to the Ethical Landlords Association.

Important: Please ensure that we have the information we need to match up a bank payment to your application, typically the name of the account from which the payment has been made if different to the name of the member.

Website Registration for Postal Applications

When we have processed your application form and registration payment we will send you further instructions on how to access and participate in the Ethical Landlords Forum, so you can post and respond to questions and debates.

Printed version of the Ethical Landlords Association Application form

You can download and edit an MS Word version of the form, or download and print a PDF version of the form and return a scanned copy to us by using one of the two versions below. These documents also contain our BACS details so if you would rather use BACS to pay for the membership you may do so, or send us a cheque in the regular mail.

Posting the application form to us

If you are making a payment by cheque please write the full name and postal code of the applicant on the back of the cheque.

Please send cheques and printed application forms to:

The Treasurer,
Ethical Landlords Association
c/o Rose Cottage
Ledsham Village
CH66 0NE

Please note an application is not completed until we have received the application and the payment.  When we have processed your application further instructions will be issued to you on accessing and participating in the forum.

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