Landlord News report that a recent Survation poll commissioned by Generation Rent shows that of the people surveyed, a majority were in favour of renters both being protected from eviction and from rent increases over the level of inflation. They report that the results applied across the whole population and political spectrum.

  • 59% thought that renters should have an automatic right to stay in their home if not in rent arrears and keeping the property to a suitable standard.
  • Only 21% thought the landlord should be allowed to evict for no reason.
  • 61% thought landlords should pay the moving costs if tenants were being evicted so the landlord could move in or sell. A majority of owner occupiers also supported the tenants receiving compensation from the landlord.
  • 72% thought landlords should not be allowed to raise rents over the level of inflation. There was also strong support for rent caps.
  • 79% supported the same level of regulation in letting as in other businesses
  • 81% thought renters should have the same level of consumer protection as they do with gas and electricity suppliers.

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