The Government’s information booklet, ‘How to Rent’, which all landlords in England must give to their tenants at the start of the tenancy, has just been updated.  On 17 January a new version was published on the Gov.UK website.  The update is very minor; the removal of reference to the now abandoned London Mayor’s London Rental Standard.  However, the booklet is important because it provides the tenant with a brief guide to their legal rights and to sources of help if they are experiencing problems with their tenancy.  The Ethical Landlords Association strongly supports the provision of this vital information to tenants.

A landlord must give the booklet to their tenant when a tenancy begins, or is renewed, and when a tenancy comes to the end of an assured period and moves into a periodic tenancy.  A Section 21 notice to leave the property is not valid unless the tenant has been given this booklet first.

Access the new booklet here: