On the 7th of October 2017 Ethical Landlords appeared in an article in the Guardian written by Donna Ferguson on Ethical Money.

The full article can be found here: https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/oct/07/start-ethical-business-financially-successful-socially

Is it possible to be a landlord and make money ethically? Sarah Fishpool thinks so. She owns three buy-to-let properties and founded the Ethical Landlords Association in response to the growing housing crisis. “I found myself questioning whether I was doing the right thing in renting out my properties.”

She set up the association to promote an ethical approach to the rental sector by encouraging landlords to offer renters more security through longer tenancies and notice periods for good tenants. She is particularly against revenge evictions: “Tenants should not be given notice unless it’s for a sound reason like rent arrears, antisocial behaviour or a breach of the tenancy agreement.”

Members must sign up to the association’s charter. So far only 30 landlords have joined, but she is hoping more will do so over the next year. “There’s a perception that landlords are only out for themselves,” she says. “But many are ethical and compassionate people who recognise that a relationship of trust and mutual respect is of value to them and their tenants.”

Fishpool says landlords who treat tenants ethically will be rewarded with renters who pay on time and look after properties well. “I think the rental sector is needed. But landlords should respect the fact that their properties are their tenants’ homes and they have the right to feel happy and secure there.”