ELA believes in the landlord/tenant relationship

We promote an ethical approach, based on mutual respect

We are a membership organisation for landlords who share our values

We provide standards, resources and support

“If we are prepared to buy our food and clothes ethically, we should be prepared to apply similar standards to our role as landlords.”

Alison Gelder
CEO, Housing Justice

About this site

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Compare your practice against our Charters – we challenge you to see how far you can get.  Can you add a Diamond to your Charter level too?

Letting Agents

Letting agents are important partners for many landlords.  How can you make sure this partnership works for landlords, letting agents and tenants?


The Ethical Landlords Association is unique amongst organisations for landlords in the emphasis we place on the relationship with the tenant.

Join Us

We welcome membership applications from all who support our aims – landlords, letting agents, tenants, and anyone with an interest in an ethical private rented sector which works better for all.

Contact Us

Four ways to connect with the Ethical Landlords Association – to find out more, express your support, or ask a question.  We would like to hear from you!


Do you have a problem that another landlord, letting agent or tenant could help with?  Or an experience you would like to share?

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